Exit Strategies

Should you eventually decide to sell your rental property, we have several strategies to make this easier than you think.

Sell while the home is still occupied

Many buyers are interested in occupied properties to ensure no wait for an income stream, no work to find an acceptable tenant, or little or no work to get a property in rentable condition. We often have potential investors call us for available properties, so talk with us today about how we can help you find a buyer and ensure a smooth transition.

Sell to your tenant

Some renters stay in a property for several years to save up money for a downpayment on a new home. If your timing is right and your tenant has been happy in your property, you could have a quick and simple sale that allows you to collect rent up until the property sale closes.

Sell as the current tenant is leaving

If you’ve been notified that your tenant is moving out, we can help you sell the property to a buyer interested in renovating homes to rent or flip, or to a traditional buyer who wants a fixer-upper.

We have a licensed Real Estate Agent on staff to handle the listing and sales process for you. Contact Kimberly today at 864-642-1647 if you want help selling your rental property or finding new ones.

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