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Please note: As per the Rental Agreement you signed upon leasing with Serrus Real Estate and Property Management, LLC, you must comply with the following rules with regards to property maintenance and upkeep.

Tenant Obligations+

Tenant agrees to keep the dwelling unit and all parts of the premises that he leases safe and clean. In the case of a single-family house or duplex, Tenant shall keep the yard mowed, watered and free of fire ants, keep the roof and gutters free of debris, the shrubs neatly trimmed, and landscaping maintained. Tenant agrees to be responsible for removal of Tenant’s contagious and other hazardous materials. Tenant agrees to comply with the lease and rules and regulations the Landlord may adopt concerning the Tenants’ use and occupancy of the premises;

Tenant, or any member of the Tenant’s family, guest or other person under the Tenant’s control, shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb other Tenant’s and neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of the premises. Tenant, or any member of Tenant’s family, guest or other person under the Tenant’s control, shall not engage in or facilitate criminal or drug related activities. Any such violation constitutes a substantial violation of the Lease and a material noncompliance with the Lease and is grounds for termination of tenancy and eviction from the premises.

It is specifically understood that Tenant will, at Tenant’s expense, keep sinks, lavatories, and commodes open, reporting any initial problem within five (5) days of occupancy, repair any and all damages caused by tenancy and replace any burned out light bulbs. Tenant agrees to report to Landlord any malfunction of or damage to electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, smoke detectors, and any occurrence that may cause damage to the property. Tenant also agrees to pay for the cost of all repairs made necessary by negligence or careless use of the premises and pay for repairs/loss resulting from theft, malicious mischief or vandalism by Tenant and their guests. Tenant agrees to provide copies to Landlord of any inspection reports or repair estimates that Tenant may obtain.

Tenant agrees to be responsible for and to make at Tenant’s expense all routine maintenance, including but not limited to, stoppage of sewer because of misuse or broken water pipes/fixtures due to neglect or carelessness of Tenant. No repairs, alterations or changes in or to said premises or the fixtures due to neglect or carelessness of Tenant. No repairs, alterations or changes in or to said premises or the fixtures or appliances contained therein, shall be made except after written consent of Landlord, and shall be the responsibility of the Tenant for the cost of restoring said premises to their original condition if Tenant makes any such unauthorized modifications. NO REPAIR COSTS SHALL BE DEDUCTED FROM RENT BY TENANT. All improvements made by Tenant to the said premises shall become the property of the Landlord. Locks/Deadbolts shall not be changed without the expressed permission of the Landlord.

Tenant is directly responsible for any damage caused by Tenant’s appliances and/or furniture. Tenant is responsible for changing HVAC filters, reporting any water leaks, lighting pilot lights, checking for tripped breakers, changing smoke detector batteries and minor housekeeping repairs. Tenants will be held liable for damage to HVAC systems caused by dirty or missing filters and damages resulting from unreported problems. Tenant acknowledges that Tenant has inspected the premises and agrees that the premises and any common areas are safe, fit and habitable condition. Tenant acknowledges receipt of instructions of smoke detector operation.

Maintenance Of Premises, Pest Control+

Landlord agrees to make repairs and do what is necessary to keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition and specified in South Carolina Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. The Landlord further agrees to maintain in reasonably good and safe working condition, all electrical, gas, plumbing, sanitary, HVAC, smoke detectors and other facilities supplied by him. Landlord is not responsible for changing batteries in smoke detectors. If the tenant should see a pest control problem within three days of moving in to the property, please contact our office immediately. After the initial three day period, the tenant is responsible for pest control; however, should the tenant see termites at any time, they should immediately contact our office.

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