Every Day Should be Thanksgiving.

You might be able to relate to this.

A few days ago, some people in my family were getting testy about the upcoming holiday. We all know there are times when folks can disagree on the who, where, and when of family gatherings. Holidays just bring a weird pressure.  This woke up my consciousness about being thankful. And my distaste of useless drama.

Much has been written about the fact that a major component of joy and happiness is driven by how thankful we are for what we have. It's hard to be happy if you aren't thankful, and joy follows being thankful. Worrying about the holiday event versus focusing on the meaning seems to be a trend in a world that is getting busier and busier. Maybe we all ought to step back and realize that all of these Thanksgiving days and occasions are numbered. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Importantly, we do not want to lose the joy we get on Thanksgiving by limiting our gratitude to that one day. When we find our attention starting to dwell on ourselves instead of others and on negativity instead of what is good in our lives, we can let the joy return by looking at all that we have and what others have done for us.

This year, before the prayer, we will go around the table, and each person will say why we are thankful. Personally, I'm thankful for my faith, my family, my health, and our work. If you really search your heart, what are you thankful for? Can we all let Thanksgiving be an everyday component of our lives?

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