Max Heller Said Go to the Parties

During the unveiling of Max Heller’s statue on Main Street here in Greenville, his daughter told the audience that her father had always taught her to go to the parties. That line keeps popping up in my life. Serrus just completed a favorable piece of real estate business with a contact that I made “going to the parties.” It all started when I was asked to do a talk for the Greenville Chamber’s Friday Forum series last year. Greenville has a fantastic working Chamber, and hundreds of people attend these early Friday morning breakfast events. I go to hear people like Randy Dobbs, Merle Code, Toby Stansell, and Stewart Spinks, and I was honored to have the opportunity to speak.

After my talk, folks were very kind, and I shook hands and talked with people who made me feel like I didn’t totally embarrass myself. A few days later, I got a hand-written letter from someone who had thanked me after the talk. It’s one of those notes that you keep and put in that folder you want your kids to see some day. The writer was Jeff Herman of Wagner Wealth Management.

Being me, I picked up the telephone and called him. We laughed some and decided to meet. At their office on Main Street, I saw that Scott Davis was a part of Wagner Wealth. That’s the sign of approval for me because Scott has been a highly reputable and successful businessman in Greenville for many years.  As I looked into their company, I learned that Jeff Herman and the founder, Dan Wagner, manage hundreds of millions of dollars for high net worth clients. is not locked down to investments that some mother company wants them to push. Instead, I love that they are transparent with costs and driven with a goal of world-class service. My opinion is that they are moving toward a billion under management because they actually do what they say they are going to do. That’s become a competitive advantage in today’s world.

The relationship started with going to an event, getting a hand-written note, and following up for lunch. At Serrus now I’m telling everybody about Dan, Jeff, and Scott over at Wagner Wealth Management. They are significant to our plans now, and I look forward to a brighter future together.

Max Heller is still right.

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