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American Dreams Aren't Accidents

Friday, May 13, 2011
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This last week, I have again been struck about the impact of being an American. The recent event in Pakistan reminded me of that shocking feeling on 9/11.  When I heard a young man on American Idol sing that song by Alan Jackson, "Where Were You On That September Day?" my heart pounded and my eyes watered.  Most of us felt so violated by those idiot terrorists. Americans quickly united like never in my lifetime.  The resolve to bring those folks to justice permeated everybody I knew. We know now there is no real closure for anyone who understands that we are under pressure from people that want to destroy our American freedom.  Yet every day folks put themselves in harms way so we can go out and enjoy our way of life.  The free enterprise system is a huge part of the freedoms we will die to protect. This week as we reviewed our new video that was created by Bobby Rettew and his company.  I was moved to notice that our brand standards on our renovated homes all display Old Glory. There on the video is the "Red, White, and Blue" blowing free in the breeze on every property included in the video. I was so delighted to learn that our newest full time member, Dan Driscoll, who literally graduated today from the Clemson University Masters of Real Estate Development program, was responsible for the addition of the flag. Dan coordinates the construction management software that organizes our renovations. He has worked so hard to bring in jobs on time and under budget.  Dan's contribution to our brand by adding that flag to our homes was significant. The fact that it came from a young American who has worked hard for an advanced degree, pursued Serrus and proven himself part-time while going to school was very symbolic. Folks like Dan will fight and scrap to improve themselves and will join causes to better their families, communities and country. Some cynics predict America's decline and lack of resolve. As for Serrus Capital Partners, we are committed to these ideals. As new graduates and an experienced group of partners, we are unabashedly proud that these beautiful flags fly out in front of our homes in symbolism of this great country. We also thank God for the folks and their families who sacrifice to keep us free and to delver justice to our enemies. We know with all our heart and soul these American dreams we are allowed to pursue aren't accidents!! Thanks, Leighton Cubbage


Buying 29 Carolina Walk Condos

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Property Management Blog

Our Serrus team buying 29 Carolina Walk condos directly across the street from Williams-Brice Stadium has also carried with it so many laughs. First, Steve Mudge, Jim Ness, and I all were on football scholarships with Clemson. The head of the home owner association is Ted Wingard. He and his brother were great players at USC. The jokes rolled between us all. When the newspaper editor from The State, Kristy Eppley Rupon, called I was terrified that somehow this would be a negative to people. She wrote a fantastic news article that absolutely blew up our public reactions. Steve and I have had calls from folks from the distant past. In the article, I tried to discount us as contributing players. That's true. My family has plenty of Gamecocks. Three of our daughters graduated from USC. In fact, one graduated from USC Law School last Friday. I'm very familiar with the rivalry. Like most families, the rivalry is something to enjoy around every Thanksgiving. The games are so intense that it can bring out the best and worst of people. My greatest memory was walking off the field in 1973 after a defeat in Columbia. During the game my name had been called by the announcer, once in the first half and once in the second half. "Mrs. Leighton Cubbage ...your purse has been can pick it up...” etc. I remember Leon Hope, a running back, teasing me and laughing on the bench. "Cub, go get that purse of yours!" I just explained it had to be my momma and they had my name mixed up with my dad's. As I walked toward the dressing room after the game, I heard a distant shout: "Your PURSE, your Purse…." It was about 10 friends from Sumter, led by the dreaded Moise’s. They had created a fake purse to turn in and jerk my chain. We are hosting a party in Columbia this weekend for the home owners of Carolina Walk. Maybe they will forgive our Orange heritage knowing more about my personal and public humiliation. Oh yeah, we love the project and are having fun with everybody. Thanks, Leighton Cubbage


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